About Geography.testlabz.com

Geography.testlabz.com is an online ICSE map practice website that has been developed for practice by students appearing for ICSE Board examination in Geography.

It has been especially designed for part I of the ICSE Geography Board examination paper, where first two questions on topographical survey sheet (20 marks) and Map pointing (10 marks) are compulsory.

The test module is divided into two parts –

A. Learning Practice

B. Topomap practice

A. Learning practice

I. Video Learning

In Video learning the whole syllabus of interpretation of topographic survey sheets is covered by a video lecture by the author of the textbook on which this video is based. This video gives simple explanation with illustrations. The students can see it before attempting the tests on topomap practice.

In case there is a context related query, the student can contact care@edulabz.com

II. Textual Learning

In this slot the guidelines for Interpretation of toposheet and Map pointing are provided, which if followed, would help in solving the test papers and in the developments of map skills.

B. TopoMap practice

I. Test module in Topomap

It consists of the following:

* 20 sets of 10 questions based on one survey sheet.

* The options are given. The students have to choose the correct answer.


Practical self study, flexibility to pause and familiarize toposheet, self assessment and evaluation with the help of the server
The test can be taken till one can become perfect in the subject
The student gains self confidence and develops a skill of logical interpretation of survey sheet
The questions are based strictly on the syllabus prescribed by the ICSE council and the answers given at the back of each test paper are, to the point answers as expected in the ICSE Board examination
These test modules are user friendly, highly effective and interesting. The students can assess their performance and improve their skill

II. Map practice test module

Map practice is strictly designed on the syllabus provided by the Council for the ICSE Board examination in Geography. It is a compulsory question carrying 10 marks • The test module consists of ten questions in each test paper with four options in each map. The questions are set on the basis of Board examination paper. The student is asked to select the correct option. Instant report with feedback is provided at the end of the last questions for each paper. • The maps given in the module are river as given in the Board examination paper. • Map practice is very important to develop the map pointing skills. It seems very simple to look at but needs absolute precise marking, correct spelling and use of right colour to gain full marks.

Hence this self practice test module if used can ensure good result.